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What is Seremeres.com?

Seremeres.com, or the Seremeres Network is a group of projects founded by Serena Samborski. Here is an explanation for the origin of the name "Seremeres" straight from the founder:

"For years I tried to find a name or theme to represent me online, or use as a business name. I tried to incorporate memories, animals and fantasy elements, but none of them felt like 'me.' There was just nothing that seemed to work well with all my different projects and aspirations."

"But then I got an idea. In one of my fantasy stories, characters that had palindromic names were special. I realised that I could turn my own name into a palindrome! And 'Seremeres' was the result. I think it works for 3 reasons. One, it is a completely new word that is essentially 'blank'; I can assign my own meaning. Secondly, the palindromic property gives a visually pleasing symmetry, and even a certain mystical quality. Lastly, using my own name means that it really does represent my aspirations and goals."